A chargeback occurs when a cardholder contacts their bank to initiate a reversal of a payment made on their credit card. Chargebacks arise for a variety of reasons, but generally, they are the result of a cardholder changing their mind, being dissatisfied with their purchase, or reporting unauthorized use of their card.

How we help
For all bookings made on our site, our fraud-detection engine helps reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions on our platform, which in turn reduces the risk of fraud-related chargebacks. For payments processed through our platform, a dedicated team works behind the scenes to gather the information needed and dispute chargebacks on your behalf.

Below are some general tips you can follow to help minimize the chances of a traveler chargeback.
  • Set up and honor your House Rules and Cancellation Policy. The best way to protect yourself is to be upfront about what you expect from travelers and, at minimum, honor the refund and cancellation policies you have set.
  • Provide an accurate description of the property, up to date list of amenities, and recent photos.
  • Be proactive and responsive. Try to address any guest concerns in a timely manner, before they escalate into a dispute.
  • Document all your conversations before, during, and after the stay in writing and through our secure messaging platform. Confirm policies and agreements in writing, including any refunds.
  • When possible, issue a refund through our platform and in the same method of payment of the original transaction. When refunding outside of the platform, make sure to document the details through our secure messaging system.