To change the email address on your Traveler account
  1. Log in to your traveler account.
  2. Click on or navigate to your Inbox.
  3. Click Account from the ribbon at the top.
  4. Enter any changes in the Email address field and click Save.
This will update your account email address for future reservations. If you need to update your email address for an existing reservation, please reach out to the owner or property manager, and they can update their records.

If you previously linked your Facebook account to your listing, you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Update your Facebook email address to your new account email address.
  2. Sync your Facebook email by logging into our site as a Traveler, using Facebook credentials.

To change the password on your Traveler account
  1. At the Account page, scroll down to the Change your password section.
  2. Enter your current and new passwords and click Save.