Owners and managers who meet or exceed our Marketplace Standards often place higher in search results. Therefore, we recommend improving your property’s performance by focusing on the following key metrics located in the Ranking Metrics page of your account: 
  • Cancellation rate - Avoid initiating cancellations whenever possible as this may negatively impact your cancellation rate. Travelers can initiate a cancellation request from their traveler account, which will not impact your cancellation rate. 
  • Bookings - Accepting most booking requests boosts traveler confidence in your property and our platform.
  • Acceptance rate - Travelers feel frustrated when they find out a property is unavailable after they’ve requested a booking. Accepting most booking requests increases traveler confidence in your property and can improve your acceptance rate.
  • Reviews - Encourage travelers to submit feedback after their stay at your property. When you accept online bookings, travelers will automatically receive review requests after their stay is complete.
You can also view win/loss posts in the Marketplace Feed in your account to see how your property compares to others in the area.