Credits were an option for bookings affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), with stay dates up to and including June 30, 2020. 

View issued credits 

To view all the credits you've issued to guests, go to your Inbox, click the All messages drop-down menu, and select COVID-19 credit

Credit redemption 

To redeem a credit, the guest should submit an inquiry from the listing with the dates they’re requesting to book. The guest will ideally contact you through the original reservation message indicating they want to redeem the credit. The following steps will guide you through the credit redemption process. 

  1. Ask your guest to locate the property page and select Contact Host

  1. Ask your guest to enter their dates and include information about your credit agreement and credit value in their message. 

  1. Navigate to your Inbox and select the appropriate inquiry to apply the credit. 

  1. Select Edit quote or dates to edit the inquiry. 

  1. Edit the rental amount; deduct the credit value from the rental amount in the inquiry to determine the remainder. 

  • Note: This is a single-use credit. The rental amount must be greater than zero. If the booking and credit values are the same, input a value as close to zero as possible in the applicable currency. Have your guest call customer service to refund the Vrbo service fee charged in this scenario. 

  1. Add damage protection as needed. 

  1. Select Save

  1. Customize your message and select Reply & pre-approve

Change in ownership or property management 

If your property changes owners or property management companies, we expect the new owner or manager to honor any credits issued to guests. You should transfer all documentation to the new owner or manager and inform the guest of this change. If the new owner or manager can't honor the credit, we expect you to pay the guest back the credit value. Your guest can contact us to refund service fees.