• gift cards can no longer be redeemed on the site when booking a stay. At this time, all gift cards should be redeemed by the cardholder.   

  • If you still own a gift card, you must book through one of the travel company sites affiliated with Expedia to redeem it.  

  • If you aren’t ready to book through one of these sites at this point, you can hold on to your gift card. Your refund will be processed once you are ready to book through one of Expedia’s travel sites.

Redeem your gift card 

  1. Go to the Gift Card Redemption Form

  1. Add your contact information.  

  1. Enter your Expedia reservation information.  

Note: This information is required to process your refund request.  

  1. Enter your Gift card information.  

  1. Select Add a photo to upload a photo of your gift card or a screenshot of your gift card email.  

  1. Select Submit request.  

What happens next 

  • Our Support team contacts you with more information on the next steps 

  • The full amount of the gift card is sent when you submit a redemption request.   

  • The redemption should be processed within eight weeks of us receiving your banking details. Our accounting team issues a direct ACH deposit to your bank account.  

Invalid card error 
The gift card’s order and certificate numbers may be printed differently. Some cards were printed by a distribution channel which allowed our gift cards to be sold by grocery stores. Try the following: 

Physical Gift Card with 19-digit certificate number 

  1. Enter the gift card’s last seven digits of the 19-digit certificate number in the Order ID field.  
  2. Enter the Order number on the gift card in the Certificate Number field. 

E-Gift Card with Card Number and Pin Number 

  1. Enter the e-gift card’s last seven digits of the 19-digit Card Number in the Order ID field.  
  2. Enter the Pin Number on the e-gift card in the Certificate Number field.