With the analytics page in your Dashboard, you can track and trend data to understand your performance and compare it to similar listings in your area. The page is designed to provide insights into when you should optimize and when you can have peace of mind you are doing a great job.

Please note that it takes 24 hours for data to update in the Analytics page. You will not see same-day data on this page.

View your Performance page
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. If you have more than one, select the listing you wish to view.
  3. Click Analytics under the Performance tab.
  4. Select a date range.
  5. Choose Contacts to Bookings or Views to Contacts.
  6. Choose Brand.
You can view your performance in any of the below metrics.

Page views
A page view represents a traveler view of your listing. If the same traveler clicks several times on your listing, each click will count as a page view. An owner's visit to their own listing counts as a page view. For an accurate count, it is recommend to preview your listing via your Dashboard.

Traveler contacts
Traveler contacts are the combination of inquiries and reservation requests received through our platform over a specified time period. If you received one inquiry and two reservation requests, your traveler contact value would equal three.

Views to contacts
Views to contacts represents the ratio of traveler contacts to page view you received for your listing over a specified time period. If you've received 25 traveler contacts and 100 page views, your views to contacts is 25 / 100 or 25%.

A booking refers to a reservation made through one online booking platform, either using a credit card or additional payment method. The booking will show up on the month it was made by the traveler (not the month of the stay date).

Contacts to bookings
Contacts to bookings represents the ratio of online bookings to the number of traveler contacts you received over a specified period. For example, if you've received two traveler contacts and one booking your contacts to bookings is 1/2 or 50%.

An inquiry refers to a request sent by a traveler and received in your inbox to inquire about your vacation rental property.

Booking requests 
A booking request refers to a prepaid booking request made by a traveler to book your vacation rental for specific travel dates. As a reminder, you have 24 hours to accept or decline the booking requests before it expires.

Booked nights
Booked nights is the number of nights travelers spend at your vacation rental during their booking. For example, if a traveler booked your vacation rental from January 1 until January 5, and another traveler booked it from January 5 to January 10, there will be 2 bookings displayed in the bookings column with a total of 9 booked nights.

Booked value 
Booked value represents the amount paid by the traveler when they booked online your vacation rental.  It is exclusive of tax, refundable amounts, value added services or service fee. If bookings are made across multiple currencies, a monthly average conversion rate will be used to convert back to the master brand currency.

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