Adopting and accepting onsite bookings are the most important things you can do to be successful in our ranking system. To provide you with greater flexibility, there are two options for online booking: 24-Hour Review and Instant Booking.

There are many factors that go into determining your performance and Instant Booking is one of the factors in determining your rank & search position. For example, if there are two properties where all things are equal except that one has Instant Booking enabled and the other one does not, the property with Instant Booking will be ranked higher. Enabling Instant Booking will improve your search position.

Your acceptance rate is one of many factors we consider when determining your search position, so don’t worry too much about a single cancellation or decline. Instead, focus on your overall volume of cancellations or declines compared to your overall volume of accepted bookings. We recommend providing as much detail about your property as possible, setting up house rules, and keeping your calendar updated to avoid receiving booking requests from unsuitable guests or for dates your property is not available. If you are on vacation or unavailable to reply to requests, you can temporarily hide your listing to prevent requests from being submitted and potentially missed and expiring. If you do not respond to a booking request and the request expires, it counts as a decline and lowers your acceptance rate. 

Please note, if you offer 24-Hour Review and you edit a booking request within the 24 hour period, this will not affect your booking acceptance as this now becomes a payment request. A payment request is not reflected in the overall acceptance calculation. Payment requests and pre-approvals are not counted in the overall acceptance rate.