During the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend taking these precautions and keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind. 
Listing practices 

  • Update your cancellation policy and consider adopting a flexible or moderate policy. Guests look for properties with more flexible cancellation policies. 

  • Review the safety features in your property editor and consider adding local hospitals and emergency numbers. 

Cleaning standards 

  • Consider implementing the guidelines for cleaning your vacation rental and following guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Show your guests that you care about their safety to help you earn a good review. 


Travel restrictions 

  • Review your jurisdiction’s local travel recommendations and restrictions and follow guidance from the World Health Organization

  • Block or temporarily hide your listings when your area has a travel restriction. 

  • Don’t cancel a booking based on the guest’s country of origin. 


Guest communication 

  • Encourage guests to follow local laws or emergency orders. 

  • Acknowledge the seriousness of this situation. 

  • Avoid giving health-related advice or recommendations.