Listing photos
A feature in owner accounts flags listing photos that do not meet our photo requirements. We strongly advise that you replace flagged images with high quality images, as described in the requirements below.

JPEG files only
Horizontal (landscape) display is recommended

Below is a list of the reasons why photos may be taken off our site:
  • photo is copyrighted
  • photo displays a URL (a web address such as
  • photo is watermarked
  • photo contains a logo
  • photo is copied from another listing
  • photo contains contact information like an email address, physical address or phone number
  • photo is something other than a picture, such as a document, certificate, illustration, poster, or text
  • photo contains inappropriate content
  • photo is not related to your property or area
  • photo is blank
  • photo is a duplicate
  • photo is a collage of multiple photos or of multiple listings

Photo size and Resolution
Minimum Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Maximum file size: 20 MB
  1. How can I check the dimension of my photos ?
To determine the dimensions of a photo in Windows, right click on the photo, then click on Properties and then select the Details tab.
  1. Why have you increased the size requirements?
Photos are the part of your listing that travelers spend the most time on. The quality of your photos is therefore the best representation you can have for your property and we are increasing our minimum resolution to help you make sure your photos will provide the best view of your property as possible and keep on benefiting from the continuous improvements HomeAway will be implementing on the property page.
  1. I don't live near my home: Am I going to have to go take all new photos? When?
The photos you already uploaded are not impacted. However, when we launch our improvements to the photo display, you will need to replace all your low resolution photos with HD ones  to benefit from it. We understand you may need some time to collect new, HD photos if you do not live nearby your property. That is why you will have some time to plan and take new photos between now and when we start showcasing high quality photos on the property pages.
  1. How do I set up my camera to meet this new size?
Most devices purchased in the past 5 years already support this size or bigger by default. You can also check and adjust the photo resolution on your smartphone or your camera by going to the Camera Settings or Quality Settings. We recommend 3840x2160 or higher.
  1. What will happen to the photos already uploaded?
Existing photos will not be impacted by the change.
  1. Can I resize my photos so they meet the new minimums?
We do not recommend you resize smaller photos to meet the minimums. Increasing the size of small photos decrease significantly the quality and your photos will look blurry.
  1. I deleted a photo but now I can't upload new photos anymore as they do not meet the new minimums. Can I go back and reverse the changes to keep using the previously uploaded photos?
No. Photos deletion is definitive and cannot be reversed.