We recognize that property owners and managers provide their personal property, or professionally managed homes, as a rental for families and travelers who seek vacation rental accommodations. Our property owners and managers understand the need for compliance and are concerned with protecting their assets.

Local regulations vary across communities, and because property rules can change from home to home, it is important for property owners and managers to fully understand the regulations that could affect a home. We provide education to help property owners and managers receive a full understanding of local regulations. We also provide guidance to communicate and comply with appropriate government agencies.

While nearly all visitors who choose traditional short-term rentals are families or groups who typically do not violate regulations, there are rare occasions when local ordinances are not widely known or understood. To alleviate potential violations, we are asking property owners and managers to add language regarding local regulations to their house rules and provide similar language in the home.

To provide regulators greater ability to inform and educate property owners and managers of any verified pattern of violation of nuisance regulations, we will:
  • Provide an educational resource center on regulation, tax compliance and owner best practices.
  • Make very apparent our no-tolerance policy towards owners and travelers who abuse the right to rent properties as short-term rentals.
  • Enforce Terms and Conditions to reflect the ability to remove listings in violation of local nuisance rules
  • Provide a communication portal between municipalities and us to verify and enforce action against problem properties.
To remove any listings in violation, local authorities should contact us with appropriate verification and citations related to parking, noise, trash or gatherings. The property owner or manager will be contacted to address these issues, comply with local regulations to the satisfaction of the regulators, or be subject to removal from the site.

We all want to be good neighbors, we all want to Stay Neighborly.