A new listing discount helps you get bookings and reviews earlier by improving your visibility and trust with travelers. The new listing discount is 20% off your nightly rate and is offered during the listing’s first 90 days, or until it gets three bookings. Fees are not included in the discount.

Additional benefits
  • Listing badge that highlights your new listing and special discount.
  • Listing is featured on the first page of search results.
  • Discounted rate is displayed for travelers in their search results.
Set up a new listing discount
New properties are given the option to opt-in during onboarding. You can still opt in after you’ve onboarded a new property if your listing is still eligible. The option is available in the base discounts section of your rates settings page. 

Adjustments can’t be made to the discount amount. The new listing discount is in addition to any other discounts you may have set up.

End a new listing discount
You can opt out any time from your account’s rates setting page. The discount will expire once your listing is no longer eligible for it.