We use something called the Booking Update Service to let us know about bookings that start as inquiries on one of our sites but are confirmed elsewhere. We call this type of booking “offline” because it was finalized outside of our network of sites. The Booking Update Service even helps your bookings stay current when offline bookings are adjusted or canceled.

How it works
While each integrated software varies, most will have a field called Marketing Source or Source of Business. When you enter a booking in your management software, be sure to choose the correct source. For example, if a traveler finds your listing on Vrbo, then calls you to book, be sure to attribute the booking to Vrbo in your software. This ensures we give you credit for the booking. Even if you change details of the booking later using your integrated software, we're informed so we can keep our side up-to-date as well.

Why it's important
Making sure that bookings originating from Vrbo are correctly attributed can have a huge impact on your conversion ratio. Successful bookings build traveler trust, so properties with higher conversion ratios appear higher in search results (based on our ranking system, traveler’s search criteria, and available dates).