We have years of experience and lots of data that we use to make improvements to our website to drive efficiency and more bookings. Our goal is providing a great marketplace for all our users.

Here are a few examples of what can change as we constantly improve:
  • Your placement in search
    • The factors that are used for search placement are adjusted frequently, so it is very likely that you will notice changes.
  • The way pages look and the words we use
    • We test and then improve our content constantly.
  • Search filters, maps, and functionality
How we decide what to change
We use a very common internet standard for testing called A/B testing. This means we test a change on the percentage of our website visitors. Then after a few days or weeks, we compare the results between the test (A version) and the normal version of the site (B Version).  If we see the test version has performed better than the normal version, we update the website with the new version. We use this process to constantly improve our site and we repeat it many times a month! Significant changes are shared with customers via monthly newsletters, recurring blog posts, and through our Help Center content.