Thinking of advertising your property on our site? We're excited to have you. The best first step is to research the applicable laws and regulations for your area. Done that already? Here's some of the properties we list: houses, condos, villas, barns, bungalows, cabins, castles, chalets, chateaus, cottages, estates, mansions, yurts, and probably a few we haven't even thought of. 

Here's the important thing. Our sites are meant to offer a "Whole Home" experience to travelers. That means that the owner or manager should not be on the property with guests. 

Got a property that's a little more unusual?
Mobile rental(RVs, Vans)- allowed, but they must have a base location. Guests can move the property to different locations but have to return to the base location.

Camping sites- allowed but must include a structure in one specific location.

Timeshares- allowed if they are owned by an individual timeshare owner and are for a single specific location. The property does not have to be available the entire year.