A new brand, grounded in purpose
In 1995, Vrbo introduced a new way for people to travel together. We paired homeowners up with groups looking for a place to stay. This simple concept grew into a category, as families and friends realized how much better vacation can be when it’s spent together under one roof.
A lot has changed since then. Vacation rentals have grown into an industry, with millions of homes around the world welcoming guests. But our commitment remains the same: To give people the space they need to drop the distractions of everyday life and simply BE. Together.
Our brand is now grounded in that commitment, reflected in both how we look and what we do.
Our new pronunciation is “Ver-boh”
Names are powerful things, and we couldn’t reimagine who we are without rethinking what we’re called. We wanted a name that was more memorable. More globally relevant. Luckily, our most passionate travelers and partners showed us the way. Many of them already pronounce our name as “Ver-boh.”
That immediately resonated within the company. When we tested it, it resonated with others, too. Around the world, people found it friendly, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. It lives up to our goal of being a global, welcoming brand.
VRBO is now Vrbo.
A new logo that tells a story
It shows the world what we’re about, why we’re here and how we’re different. It reminds us of the joy and excitement of vacation. It stands for travel and diversity.
The stripes represent bringing people together, and the variety of vacations those people take. All the ways they get away. Get perspective. Disconnect. Reconnect.
The colors are adaptable, allowing us to change our look to represent different people, countries and causes. We can celebrate national holidays, honor the global spirit of the Olympics, rally behind important movements.
New features that make travel better
We built a business on offering families and friends the perfect place to stay together. Partnering with homeowners who shared our vision of welcoming the world turned that business into an industry.
Now we’re doubling down on what made Vrbo successful in the first place. We’ve focused our technology and our talent on improving how people travel together. Making it easier. More fun. More engaging.
That means introducing new ways to help travelers find their ideal place to stay. New tools for groups to plan trips together, sharing, saving and commenting on favorite homes. New virtual tours to bring homes to life before booking. And a new way to chat that helps travelers and homeowners around the world communicate with each other.
Welcome to the new Vrbo, a reflection of our commitment to helping people everywhere travel better together.