The stay tax report is available under Financial Reporting in Reservation Manager. If you have at least one transaction with stay tax, a report will be available in a Stay Tax tab. Here's a guide to help you understand your report.

Date range filter 

Sort by the booking or stay date. 

Taxes Vrbo paid  

Displays taxes Vrbo is responsible for collecting and remitting. 

Taxes you pay  

Displays taxes Vrbo collected from the guest and sends to you to remit. You’re responsible for remitting these taxes. This section is only available when you’ve chosen one of the following options from the Taxes tab of your Rate settings page.
  • Collect my taxes and send them to me
  • Collect, file, and pay my taxes for me (Avalara MyLodge Tax)
If you’ve chosen the No tax collection option, the amount listed here will be zero. 

Reservation ID  

Displays the tax amounts listed for each reservation. 

Drop-down arrow 

Select the arrow for a detailed breakdown of the tax amounts. 


Download a CSV file of the report with more detailed information for each line amount.