Vrbo offers three different options to help you manage your property’s lodging taxes. Tax jurisdictions may require you to collect and pay some lodging taxes while requiring us to collect and remit others. No matter which option you choose, we will always collect and remit the taxes where we are required. 

Eligible areas 

Options are available in eligible areas and can be selected in your account settings.   
  • All provinces (Avalara option not available)
The United States of America 
  • Colorado 
  • Hawaii 
  • Maryland 
  • Minnesota 
  • Montana 
  • New Mexico 
  • North Dakota 
  • Texas 
  • Vermont 
  • West Virginia 

Tax collection options 

No tax collection  

If you choose this option, there’s no change to the way you collect taxes. You’ll continue to collect, file, and pay taxes that you’re responsible for to local tax authorities outside of our platform.  

Collect my taxes and send them to  me 

If you choose this option, we automatically collect taxes from travelers. Taxes will be sent to your bank account (at no extra cost) with your regular booking payout. You’re responsible for filing and paying taxes to your local tax authority.  
You can find this option for each of your property listings under the Taxes tab of your Rate  settings page. Based on the requirements of your property’s jurisdiction, you might be asked to provide some of the following information: 
  • Taxpayer identification number 
  • Business license number 
  • Certificate of authority number 
  • Tax registration number 
If your jurisdiction doesn’t require registration or issue identification numbers, you can enter the property address.  

Collect, file, and pay my taxes for me (Powered by Avalara  MyLodgeTax) 

If you choose this option, we automatically collect lodging taxes from travelers, and Avalara MyLodgeTax manages preparing, filing, and paying your taxes. We send your taxes to your bank account (at no extra cost) with your regular booking payout. MyLodgeTax charges a fee for their service. 

We'll send your booking information automatically to your MyLodgeTax account each month. 

MyLodgeTax will ensure that your properties are registered with the correct jurisdictions and determine what is owed to local tax agencies. 

Sign up  with  Avalara  MyLodgeTax 
Select Collect, file, and pay my taxes for me in your account under the Taxes tab of your Rate  settings page and you’ll be linked to the MyLodgeTax website to complete your account sign up. 

Tax collection will start automatically after your MyLodgeTax account is active. This process can take up to 60 days. 
If you have multiple properties, sign up the first property from your Vrbo account, then call MyLodgeTax directly to add additional properties.  
Contact Avalara  MyLodgeTax 
For questions about pricing or services, contact Avalara MyLodgeTax directly at (877)-418-5477 from 8 am - 5 pm MST. Or you can visit their website anytime.  


Tax reports  

Tax reports are available in your account under Reservation manager in the Financial reporting section. Reports only include bookings that are accepted after a tax collection option is chosen.
If you have signed up for MyLodgeTax services, tax reports will be available in your Avalara and Vrbo accounts.