If you have a property or billing address in France and took at least one booking and payment during a civil year (from January 1st to December 31st), we provide you with a yearly income report in January of the following year.

Before the end of January, we email you with a link to download a PDF document. The first page is in English, and the second page is in French.

Read your report

Rental Numbers: Your property's unique listing identifier on our website.
Individual: Yes for property owners.
Professional: Yes for property managers.
Number of Reservations during period: The number of bookings not canceled with check-in dates during the previous civil year (from January 1st to December 31st).
A) Total Gross Income from Rental: Total income generated by the rent (nightly rate multiplied by nights booked). Amounts claimed from damage deposits are not included.
B) Total Gross Income from Fees: Total income generated by partner entered fees (such as cleaning or pet fees).
C) Deductions: Total Commission (Pay Per Booking) + Payment Processing Fee excluding VAT/GST.
D) Tax on Deductions: Total amount of VAT/GST applied to Pay Per Booking and/or Payment Processing Fee.