You must provide a bank account to receive payment deposits for your bookings. You can update your bank account information through your owner dashboard to add a new bank account or change bank accounts.


  1. Log in to your account. 
  2. Select Property
  3. Select Payment Options
  4. Select Change bank account. If you don't currently have a bank account set up, choose Add bank details.
    • Note: As a security measure, you must enter the old account details before you can enter the new account details.
Once your bank account has been updated, you'll receive an email confirmation. All payments or potential refunds from future bookings will be made through your new bank account.  

Traveler payments 

Advise your travelers not to make payments until your bank account has been updated.  

Reservation disbursements 

Disbursements for reservations made before the account change will be automatically transferred to the new bank account. 

Currency changes 

If you need to change the currency for your payments account, select Contact Us for assistance. 

Change in property ownership or management 

If you’re requesting this change due to a recent property sale or a change in property management, your request may be revoked. Listings can't be transferred to another party. Select Contact Us and we'll provide guidance on options for creating a new listing.