Contact information is where we send inquiry and reservation request notifications. It is also the information that the traveler will see after booking.

Updating your contact information
  1. Log in to your account
  2. If you have more than one property, select the property you wish to edit
  3. Click the Property icon in the left navigation menu
  4. Click Edit Property
  5. Click Contacts
  6. Edit your information including Name, Contact Email, Phone, SMS alerts, and Languages spoken
  7. Click Save
If you have multiple properties, you can create separate contact profiles. This feature is only available if you have more than one listing.

Adding a Contact profile
  1. Click Add New Contact under Contact Selector
  2. Enter new Contact Information
  3. Click Save
Please note that a contact profile can be created/edited, but not deleted. Once a contact profile is created, it will be an available option for each property.

Editing an existing Contact profile
  1. Click the drop-down list under Contact Selector and select the profile you wish to edit
  2. Edit Contact Information
  3. Click Save
Edited information will be updated on all listings where that contact profile is selected.