If you have at least one billing or property address in Mexico, verify and confirm your tax information as soon as possible to avoid tax implications.

Note: This doesn't impact lodging taxes.

Mexico federal law requires us to: 
  • Display your federal taxpayer number, known as the Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (RFC), on invoices
  • Report property information to the Mexico tax authorities every month
  • Collect and pay Value-added tax (VAT) to the Mexican government  
  • If applicable, withhold income tax 

Update your listing 

If needed, get your credentials on the Mexican tax website: Then, add Mexico tax information to your listing. If you have multiple listings, update each listing an RFC in order for the RFC tax status to apply.


For individuals with a valid RFC, we collect the VAT and pay 50% to the Mexican government and 50% to you to report to the Mexican government. If an individual doesn’t have a valid RFC, we pay 100% to the Mexican government. 

Since January 4, 2021, we started withholding 4% of the income tax for individuals with a valid RFC, and 20% for individuals without a valid RFC. Partner payouts are disbursed the day after guest check-in.

We send you a certificate each month reporting VAT and income tax withheld. This certificate is proof that the tax was paid, and is in Spanish and Mexican Pesos.

Legal entities with a valid RFC

We send 100% of the VAT to you to report to the Mexican government. We don’t withhold income tax.