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If you expected to receive a Form 1042-S but didn’t, it’s important to first determine if you were eligible to receive one. If eligible, you may be able to request one from our Support team. Below you will find common requests and how to handle them.  

The Vrbo Support team can only discuss Vrbo product resources, what Vrbo reports, what the Form 1042-S requirements are, and share available resources. Vrbo Support cannot give tax advice to anyone about how to use their 1042-S nor assist with itemized reconciliation. The IRS resources below and your tax advisor can provide further guidance. 

  • If you know you met the 1042-S requirements and suspect your form(s) 1042-S got lost in the mail, use the Contact Us button below to request a reprint. The address used to mail this form is the address that was entered on your W-8. 
  • If you are unsure if you have met the 1042-S requirements, please see About Tax Form 1042-S.  
  • If you believe you met the 1042-S requirements and have not received one, use the Contact Us button below to request form 1042-S. You may be asked to provide supporting documentation. 

IRS Resources