Booking inquiries from scammers can sometimes look legitimate. Use caution when reviewing your inquiries and take notice of these common signs:  

Common signs of a scam 

  • Incorrect or unusual spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. 
  • More information provided than usual. 
  • A request for you to communicate offsite. 
  • A request to pay by certified check, cashier's check, or unsecured wire transfer. 
  • No comments in the inquiry, or comments that don't match your property. 

Protect yourself 

To lower your risk of a booking request scam, we recommend the following policies: 

  • Never accept more than the amount due. 
  • Never send refunds for an overpayment. 
  • Only accept payments online. 

If an inquiry isn't legitimate, mark it as spam. Contact us if you suspect that you've received a request from a scammer.