We want to hear about your experiences. That's why we offer a two-way review system where both guests and hosts can rate their experience. 

Guests can read property reviews from past guests to understand what to expect and identify properties that suit their needs. Hosts can rate their experience with a guest to help other hosts feel comfortable trusting them as a potential guest. 
Tips for writing a review 

Be accurate and detailed 
Focus on the experience while renting the property and include information about the rental process such as inquiries or bookings. 

Protect the privacy of yourself and others 
Don’t share private information like last names, home addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. Reviews with private information won't be approved.  

Share your content only 
Only post content that you have legal rights to post. 

Be respectful 
Reviews with discriminatory, inflammatory, offensive, or insulting comments to others won’t be approved. Posting a review or response for the purpose of blackmailing or extorting hosts or guests for money or other consideration isn’t allowed. Reviews are for the benefit of future guests, not for one party to threaten the other. 

For more about our review policy, visit our Content Guidelines