In France, vacation rental platforms (like us) must calculate, collect, and remit stay tax “au réel” for all listed properties.

About classification ratings
"Atout France" (the France Tourism Development Agency) use a 1 to 5 star-rating to classify a property based on its characteristics. This rating determines the lodging tax rate applied to the property.

Property owners are responsible for updating their property type and classification rating. If this isn't completed, you may receive inaccurate and unfavorable taxation.

Update your classification rating
  1. In your property’s dashboard, select Local laws from the side panel.
  2. Under the “Taxes” – “Property classification” section, select Add a classification.
  3. Choose the appropriate Property type and Classification from the drop-down lists.
  • If you haven’t received a classification, select the Unclassified option.
  • To apply for a property classification, visit the Atout France website.
  1. Save your application, then select Apply to confirm your choices.
  2. After confirming your selections, your updated tax rate is viewable on the “Rates settings” page under the “Taxes” section.

Tax jurisdictions
Visit Europe: Where Vrbo collects and remits taxes and lodging taxes, for details about tax jurisdictions, exemptions, and collection periods.

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