Accidental Damage Protection provides travelers with coverage for accidental damage to a rental property during their stay. Our damage protection insurance is offered through Generali Global Assistance must be purchased at least 24 hours before check-in. 
Policy options 

  • $59 for $1500 coverage 
  • $89 for $3000 coverage 
  • $119 for $5000 coverage 

If a damage deposit is withheld or more money is owed due to property damage, damage protection can help you get reimbursed.  

Buy a policy 
When you make a booking payment on our site, you have the option to buy Accidental Damage Protection.  You’ll receive a purchase confirmation email with a certificate of insurance and a copy of the policy. You can also evaluate your insurance options and purchase a policy directly through Generali.  

After you’ve purchased a policy, you can search for your plan details by policy number.  

Cancel a policy 
You can cancel and request a refund if you cancel the policy before the scheduled arrival date.  

File a claim 
Check your purchase confirmation email for instructions. If you can't find it, review the claims process page for details. 
Contact Generali 

Phone: 800-541-3522