Accidental Damage Protection provides travelers with coverage for accidental damage that could occur to a rental property during their stay. Our damage protection insurance is offered through Generali Global Assistance. If a damage deposit is withheld or more money is owed due to property damage, damage protection can help you be reimbursed. We recommend damage protection if you are traveling with children, pets, or in a group. You must purchase damage protection at least 24 hours before check-in.

Policy options
  • $59 for $1500 of coverage
  • $79 for $3000 of coverage
  • $99 for $5000 of coverage
How to buy damage protection
You can buy Accidental Damage Protection when you check out on our site or make a payment on a booking. You can also purchase it on the Generali site. If you choose to protect your deposit with Accidental Damage Protection, you will receive an email confirmation after your purchase. The confirmation email will contain a certificate of insurance and a copy of the policy.

Cancelation guidelines
A refund can be provided as long as it is before your check-in date. Additionally, the policy can be refunded if the reservation is canceled. You must call prior to the date you are scheduled to arrive at the rental property to receive a refund.

Filing Claims
Check for the confirmation email you received when you purchased your damage protection, it will provide instructions. If you cannot locate it, review the claims process page for details.

You can reach Generali by phone or e-mail: