Vrbo’s committed to protecting the privacy and security of our hosts and guests. Our policy allows reasonable monitoring of the outside of the property while still protecting privacy inside the home.

We consider a surveillance device to be anything that captures the following:
  • Photos
  • Audio recordings
  • Videos
  • Geolocation
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Monitors data on the internet

Inside the property

Surveillance devices, which use any form of capture device such as a camera or an audio recorder, can’t be used inside of a property.

Exceptions: Smart devices which may not be activated remotely are allowed provided the guest is informed of their presence and given the option to deactivate them.

Outside the property

Surveillance devices, including security cameras and smart doorbells (which may record audio), are permitted if they follow these rules:
  • Surveillance devices should only be used for security purposes.
  • Location and coverage of devices must be disclosed on the property description page (see Edit your property listing for step-by-step instructions). It's not enough to include a photo of the device.
  • Outdoor cameras covering pools and hot tubs need to be disclosed on the property details page and in a reasonably discoverable location such as a “guest instructions” binder, a notice on the wall of a high-traffic common space, or a placard next to the entry point itself. The disclosure must specify that the pool/hot tub is within the coverage area of the device.
  • Areas where guests have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as the bathroom or bedroom, should not be under surveillance.
  • Reasonable measures should be taken to limit access to surveillance data.
  • Surveillance data should be deleted when no longer needed.

How to get help

Contact us immediately if you find a surveillance device which you believe violates our policy. This allows us to take the necessary steps to protect everyone's privacy and comfort.

Policy enforcement

If a host violates this surveillance policy, and a guest leaves a property because of this violation, the host may be required to refund the entirety of the stay. Violations could also result in removal from our platform.

While local rules and regulations may vary, we believe that physical and digital privacy is a critical component of a safe and trusted marketplace. Therefore, we'll enforce our policy even if local laws are less restrictive.

Noise monitoring devices

Hosts may have a noise monitoring device to address potential noise complaints from neighbors, but guests must be notified in advance by disclosing the device on the listing's detail page.
  • A noise monitoring device should measure only the sound level, and not record private conversations.
  • If a property has a noise monitoring device, expectations regarding parties and behavior should be included in the House Rules.