We’re committed to protecting the privacy and security of our property owners, managers, and travelers. Our surveillance policy is outlined below. Any violation of this policy may result in removal from our platform. 

Devices and location 
  • Surveillance devices are not allowed anywhere inside of a property. 
    • A surveillance device is anything that captures photos, audio recording, videotaping, geolocation tracking, data mining, and the logging or monitoring of data on the internet. 
    • Smart devices such as Alexa and other similar technology are an exception, so long as they are disclosed on your listing and the traveler can deactivate the device during their stay. 
  • Surveillance devices such as security cameras and smart doorbells are allowed when they are placed outside of the rental property.
    • Surveillance devices placed outside of a property must be used for security purposes only. This applies to any surveillance device that the partner has access to, owns, and/or operates, and not where travelers would reasonably expect privacy.
    • Any data captured on these devices should get erased or deleted when it is no longer necessary. 
  • Property owners and managers may have a noise monitoring device to address potential noise complaints from neighbors, but travelers must be notified in advance by disclosing the device on the listing. 
    • A noise monitoring device should measure only the sound level and can not capture private conversations. 
    • If a property owner or manager has a noise monitoring device, they should clearly state any expectations regarding parties and other behavior in the House Rules. 

Consent and communication 
  • Property owners and managers should disclose the location of any surveillance devices on listings. 
    • Once a traveler books a property, the property owner or manager will need to disclose the physical location and the coverage area of any devices. 
    • The coverage area is considered the physical area being captured or the digital information a device can capture and/or record. 
    • Photos alone do not qualify as disclosure.
  • Surveillance or capture of any content is not allowed by users of our platform without the other's knowledge or consent. 
    • Consent includes any agreement between property owners or managers and travelers through our platform. 
  • Devices cannot be used to capture any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) inside the home or property. 
    • This includes any data or content that could get used to distinguish or trace someone's identity. 

Policy compliance
If a property owner or manager violates this surveillance policy and a traveler leaves a property because of this violation, the property owner or manager may be required to refund the entirety of the traveler’s stay. 

In some jurisdictions, it is possible that placing a surveillance device inside a vacation home violates laws, while other jurisdictions may allow it. We are working hard to build a safe and trusted environment for travelers, property owners, and managers. Physical and digital privacy is a very important piece of trust. For this reason, we require property owners and managers to comply with our policy even if local laws are less restrictive.