We’re an inclusive marketplace built on a foundation of trust, safety, and respect. We require all hosts with properties located in the United States and US Territories to accommodate guests who require a service animal. This applies regardless of a property’s normal house rules pet policy since service animals are not pets.

Additional fees
Hosts can’t charge a pet fee or increase the security deposit amount for service animals since they’re not pets.

Definition of service animal
A service animal is a dog that’s individually trained or being trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  Some task examples include:

  • Assist individuals who are blind or have low vision with navigation and other tasks.
  • Alert individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to the presence of people or sounds.
  • Pull a wheelchair.
  • Assist an individual during a seizure.
  • Alert individuals to the presence of allergens.
  • Retrieve items such as medicine or the telephone.
  • Provide physical support with balance and stability to individuals with mobility disabilities.
Definition of emotional support animal
Emotional support animals are different from service animals because they don’t have specific task training for a disability. An emotional support animal provides comfort and is calming to a pet owner.  Accommodations for an emotional support animal is something that hosts and guests should discuss and decide upon between themselves.

Guests aren’t legally required to disclose the presence of a service animal. However, we do encourage open communication so that a host can make reasonable accommodations for the stay.

Host inquiries
Service animals aren’t required to have any form of training documentation, certification, or wear a training tag or vest. A host may only ask the following questions related to a guest’s service animal:
  • Is the service dog required because of a disability?
  • Has the dog has been trained to perform tasks?

Property area restrictions
Service animals must have the same access to the property as their owner but can be excluded from swimming pools.

Property damage
Service animals are well-trained and usually don’t cause damage. If a service animal damages property, the host can retain the damage amount from the guest’s deposit as they would for a guest without a service animal. If you have Property Damage Protection insurance, you can contact Generali to learn more about what their policy coverage for service animal damages.
In the unlikely event that a service animal causes property damage, and the animal’s owner doesn’t take effective action, the host may ask to remove the service animal. The host should still allow the guest to use the property without the animal if they choose.

Property description
Hosts can’t make claims about whether their property is suitable for a disabled traveler. We recommend that hosts accurately describe the property to all potential guests. Providing the best information possible will help all travelers to decide whether it’s the right property for them.

Property laws
Compliance with our policy is required regardless of the laws, Homeowner association (HOA) restrictions, or breed restrictions that may apply to the listing location. We encourage our hosts to review all laws applicable to their property.

Policy violations
We’ll investigate any violation complaint of our service animal policy and take appropriate action. This could include temporary or permanent property delisting or banning a guest from the platform.