Instant Booking allows travelers to instantly book your property and it automatically confirms the booking request for you.

When you enable Instant Booking on your listings:
  • Traveler booking requests are instantly confirmed.
  • The traveler's credit card is charged for the initial amount.
  • A confirmation email is sent to you with the booking details.
  • The reservation is automatically updated in your Reservation Manager.  

House Rules requirements
If a traveler doesn't meet your House Rules requirements, or our Policies, Terms, and Conditions, you can still cancel their booking. It's best to ask the traveler to submit a cancellation request through their traveler account under My Trips, so the cancellation doesn't affect your metrics. If a traveler meets all your house rules, the reservation should only be canceled at the traveler's request. 

Instant Booking benefits
Instant Booking is one of the factors that determines your rank and search position on our site. For example, if there are two properties where all things are equal except that one has Instant Booking enabled and the other one doesn't, the property with Instant Booking will rank higher. In addition to improving your search position, here are a few other Instant Booking benefits:
  • Maximize bookings: With Instant Booking, travelers are just one-click away from a confirmed booking – providing the fastest and easiest way to book your property. When travelers can book right away, there's less need to shop around! 
  • Stay in control: Your House Rules let travelers know what is and isn't allowed when staying at your property. They must accept your rules before booking. If the traveler doesn't meet your House Rules, you can still cancel. If you need more time to prepare for bookings, you can always adjust the Reservation settings from your account.
  • Attract more travelers: Travelers can filter their search for properties with Instant Booking, so they'll only see properties available for immediate booking. Instant Booking listings display with a lightning bolt icon.
  • Save time: When you receive bookings automatically, there’s no need to review and approve each booking request manually. 
  • Increased exposure: Instant Booking properties also appear to travelers who visit Expedia Group sites.
Opt-out at any time: You can easily switch from Instant Booking to 24-hour review from your account.