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Instant Booking is a type of online booking that automatically confirms traveler booking requests for you. It allows travelers to book your property immediately and receive an instant confirmation.  

How does it work?
When you enable Instant Booking on your listings, all the booking requests you receive from travelers are automatically confirmed. The traveler’s credit card is charged for the initial amount, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the details of the booking, and the reservation details will be automatically updated in your Reservation Manager. All of this, with no additional costs or risks and you can opt-out at any time!

What are the benefits of Instant Booking?
  • Maximize Bookings - Instant Booking gives travelers the fastest & easiest way to book your property - they are only one-click away from a confirmed booking. Reduce any traveler need to shop around and allow them to book right then and there, so they can continue finalizing their travel plans.
  • Stay in Control - Set your House Rules so travelers know what is allowed and expected when staying at your property, they must accept your rules before booking. You can still communicate with a guest after they have booked, and you can cancel a reservation if the traveler doesn't meet your House Rules. Also, set your Reservation settings to give yourself enough time to prepare for a booking.
  • Attract More Travelers - Your listing will show with a lighting bolt icon so it's easily identifiable in search. Travelers can search by using the “Instant Booking” filter on the search results page so they can see only those properties available for immediate booking.
  • Save Time - Effortlessly receive bookings automatically- there is no need to manually review & approve each booking request.
  • Increased Exposure - You can also get access to travelers who visit Expedia Group sites over 750 million times a month..
How do I enable Instant Booking?
  1. Log in to your account
  2. If you have more than one property, click on the appropriate listing
  3. Click the Property icon on the left navigation menu
  4. Click Rules and policies
  5. Click Booking Options
  6. Select Instant Booking
  7. Click Save

What if I try Instant Booking and want to go back to online booking with 24 Hour Review?
You can easily switch from Instant Booking to 24 Hour Review in your account. Log in to your account and click the Property icon in the left navigation menu. Click Rules and Policies and then click Booking Options. Here you will see the current option of online booking you have selected. If you have disabled Instant Booking at any time and would like to re-enroll you can do so by following these same instructions.

Is Instant Booking better than 24 hr with how I appear in search results?
There are many factors that go into your determining your performance and Instant Booking is one of the factors in determining your rank & search position. For example, if there are two properties where all things are equal except that one has Instant Booking enabled and the other one does not, the property with Instant Booking will be ranked higher. Enabling Instant Booking will improve your search position.

Can I cancel an Instant Booking reservation?
Yes, you can cancel an instant booking reservation if the traveler does not meet your stated House Rules, Policies, or Terms and Conditions. If you need to cancel the booking for one of these reasons, it is best to ask the traveler to submit a cancellation request through their traveler account under My Trips so the cancellation does not affect your metrics. If a traveler meets all your house rules, the reservation should only be canceled if the traveler requests cancellation.