MarketMaker is a comparison tool that shows detailed data of your market’s average nightly rates 365 days into the future for both booked and unbooked properties. By viewing your market’s nightly rate averages, you can make more competitive decisions around your listing’s rate per night. The data is taken from your competitive set which are properties similar to your own because property rates differ based on beds and baths. Your market is the location most often searched by travelers to find and book your property. Because of how the market is calculated, a market may be different from the neighborhood where your property is located.

To view your MarketMaker page
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. If you have more than one listing, select the listing you wish to view.
  3. Click the MarketMaker icon in the left navigation menu.
  4. To view all details click View more details.
Your rate
This is your current advertised nightly rate by calendar date. By reviewing where your rates lie within the market average, you can stay competitive season-to-season. 

Avg. rate of booked properties
This is the market’s average nightly rate that travelers paid to book the properties. We understand that the rate displayed may not be the rate the traveler ends up paying, so this will give a more accurate view of what travelers are paying per night in your market. The average rate paid is calculated by taking the average revenue of all booked units within your market.

Avg. rate of unbooked properties
This is the average rate for properties that are currently not booked for the corresponding stay date. It is calculated by taking the average nightly rate of all available properties on that date. This will give you more insight to stay competitive and advertise rates most appealing to travelers.

# of searches for your area 
We track the number of traveler searches relevant to your property to give you an idea of when travelers are looking to book in your area. We also display the number of searches from last year to give perspective on how your market is doing year over year. Searches are a strong indicator of future demand, giving you a powerful tool to better predict peak stay periods. 

This will show the percentage of booked inventory per stay date. The data is pulled from bookings processed through our network of sites for that stay date. If your property is available while the occupancy percentage is high, you can make more informed decisions about your nightly rate strategy.

Forecasted Occupancy 
This is the percentage of properties in your market that are forecasted to be booked for a given day. We use historical data, seasonality, and current market trends to forecast bookings for the next 365 days in your market.

Revenue represents the total rental amount (excluding taxes, traveler service fees, and your fees) for all upcoming bookings within the defined time period. Bookings that cross the defined time period will have the revenue split based on the per night rental amount. Please note, revenue can only be seen while in the collapsed view of MarketMaker.

Median revenue
Median revenue is calculated by finding each property in your competitive set's total rental amount for the defined time period and then taking the median for the group. This metric helps to give you an index of how you're doing versus your competitors over the defined time period. Please note, median revenue can only be seen in the collapsed view of MarketMaker.

Available opportunities
If you have MarketMaker in the collapsed view, you may see a link to view available opportunities. When you click on the Available opportunities link, it will open a list of available pricing opportunities for you to consider to stay aligned with your revenue strategy. Should you open Marketmaker in the expanded view, you may see pricing opportunities as an icon above the applicable dates.