Cancellation policies vary from property to property. For the most up to date information, read the listing’s cancellation policy before you book.

To view a host’s cancellation policy, follow these steps:
  1. Select Policies on a property’s listing page.
  2. Read the information in the Cancellation Policy section.
Note: It’s important to understand that you can be refunded based on the percentage of either:
  • the amount paid to-date; or
  • the total amount payable
All cancellations must be made by 11:59pm in the property’s time zone to fall within the cancellation policy. Though hosts can set their own policies, typically they apply one of the following policies:
Refund policyDescription
No refund policy
  • Non-refundable
Strict – 60 day
  • 100% refund 60 days before check-in; no refund after 60 days. 
Firm – 60 day 
  • 100% refund 60 days before check-in; 50% refund 30-60 days before check-in. 
Moderate – 30 days
  • 100% refund 30 days before check-in; 50% refund 14-30 days before check-in. 
Relaxed – 14 days
  • 100% refund 14 days before check-in; 50% refund 7-14 days before check-in. 
Custom policy
  • Some properties may have custom cancellation policies that differ from those stated in this table. Custom policies may have different cancellation terms and fees associated with them. These terms are usually available for review directly from the property page. If the cancellation policy isn’t displayed, please contact the host directly to review their cancellation terms.