Your listing might be hidden because: 
  • You hid the listing in your account.
  • The listing has 3 or more expired reservation requests for the last 90 days. We've temporarily hidden your property to prevent more declines from affecting your listing performance.
  • You have a low listing acceptance rate.
When a booking request has timed out
If you’re unable to accept or decline a booking request within 24 hours, the request will time out and turn into a decline. Declined booking requests negatively affect your property’s ranking metrics. 

Rather than let your property receive more booking requests that time out, we’ll temporarily hide it from search results. This protects your property’s listing performance from being affected further. 

If we hide your property, you’ll receive an email that contains a link to unhide it. Do your best to respond to booking requests with 24 hours. Accepting or declining booking requests promptly helps travelers have a positive experience with us and with you.

When your property was hidden in your owner account
If you know you’ll be unable to accept or decline booking requests within 24 hours, you should temporarily hide your property. There’s no penalty for hiding your property, and you can unhide it at any time. 

Partners often hide their property from search results if they’ll be away from the internet for a while, or if they’re recovering from a natural disaster.