Value-Added Tax (VAT), or Goods and Services Tax (GST), is a consumption tax assessed on most supplies of goods or services. In some jurisdictions, VAT/GST may be known by another name such as Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT) in Japan, or Québec Sales Tax (QST) in Québec, Canada. 

Vrbo and VAT

We may be required to charge VAT on certain fees received for services supplied to guests. In certain jurisdictions, including Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and the European Union (EU), fees may be subject to VAT as Electronically Supplied Services (ESS). VAT laws relating to ESS are rapidly changing, and it is anticipated that additional jurisdictions may implement ESS VAT laws.  

For more information on VAT in the EU, visit the Taxation and Customs Union.

Guest VAT

Applicable VAT is calculated based on the service fee total. If applicable, VAT is charged at the time of booking according to the billing information provided to us. If the booking is changed, VAT adjusts to reflect any change in the service fee amount.