When your calendars are synced across multiple platforms, you can view all your reservations, high-demand dates, and local events across all your calendars. This can help you increase performance by presenting opportunities to adjust your rates and prevent double-booking.



We support iCal, a file format you can use to import and sync calendars across multiple platforms like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and other booking site calendars.

You can also sync event-specific calendars from iCalShare. Find the sports or holiday calendar you would like to add. Right-click on Subscribe to Calendar and copy the link address.


Import a calendar

Each property has its own reservation calendar. Select the property you want to import a calendar. You can import up to five calendars.
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select the listing if you have more than one rental property.  
  3. Select Calendar.
  4. Select Import & export.
  5. Select Import a calendar to open the edit panel.
  6. Paste the calendar address in the URL field.
  7. Change webcal:// to http:// in the URL.
  8. Select your preference for calendar block availability.
  9. Name the calendar.
  10. Select a color.
  11. Select Import.


Non-blocking events

When you import a calendar with non-blocking events, you’ll get a message saying "Calendars imported from this site will not block availability.” Non-blocking events are not shown to travelers, and those dates can be booked.

If you want to block off dates on non-blocking calendars (important for bookings made on other calendars) you’ll need to manually create reservations or block dates to make sure travelers cannot book those dates.