1. Select List Your Property at the top of the homepage
  2. Enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms at your property - select Next
  3. Enter your property’s location - select Next (Log into your account or create an account to proceed)
  4. Review the earning potential for your property based on similar listings – select Next
  5. Location: Enter your property’s address using the map to pinpoint it's position - select Next
  6. Details: Enter information about what’s offered at your property - select Next
  7. Local laws: (Only for specific locations) If this step isn't shown, proceed to step 8. If step is shown, complete the required tasks - select Next
  8. Photos: Upload 6 or more photos of your property - select Next
  9. Security: Verify your contact information – select Next
  10. Payment: Set up your deposit bank account – select Next
  11. Pricing: Choose your booking availability, nightly rate, minimum stay length, and additional fees – select Next
  12. Booking readiness: Review your booking settings – select Save
  13. Go live: Select Publish listing. We’ll review your submission and contact you once your property is live on the site.