You can use this feature if you require travelers to check-in on a specific day. When using this setting, travelers cannot inquire or book stays that do not meet your changeover day requirement.

Please note the changeover day selected will only apply to the check-in date, it will not apply to the check-out date.

Example: Changeover day is set for Saturday with a minimum night stay of 7 nights. Travelers will only be able to book your property with a check-in day of Saturday. The check-out day requested can be a different day of the week as long as the minimum stay of 7 nights has been met.

To add or edit your default check-in or check-out day
  1. Log in to your account
  2. If you have more than one listing, select the appropriate listing
  3. Click the Calendar icon in the left navigation menu
  4. Click Rates
  5. Click on the date or date range you want to establish a check-in or check-out day for
  6. If only one day is selected on the calendar, under Allow check-in  or Allow check-out select Yes or No
  7. If a date range is selected on the calendar, under Check-in or Check-out select the appropriate option:
    1. If you want every day in the range to be a check-in day select Any day
    2. If you want a specific day of the week to be your check-in day, select the day of the week that applies
  8. Click Save