Premier Host is a free, invite-only program that recognizes owners and managers who consistently deliver great traveler experiences. We review Premier Host eligibility once every quarter. If you meet the following eligibility criteria during the quarterly assessment period, you’ll receive an invitation to accept the promise and join the program.

If you have one property

Your property needs to meet the following criteria over the last 365 days to receive a Premier Host invite:
  • 5 or more bookings
  • 3 or more reviews from travelers
  • 85% or higher booking acceptance rate
  • 4.5 or higher average review score
  • Under 10% cancellations

If you have more than one property

There are two factors that determine whether you can become a Premier Host:
  • Your activity - Every quarter, we assess how active your properties have been over the past 365 days on our platform. A property has to have been booked at least five times and received at least three reviews from travelers before you can join the program. At least 10% of your listings have to meet the below activity requirements.
  • The experience you provide - After you have enough eligible properties to join the program, we assess the traveler experience you provide with those properties. You would receive an invitation to join the Premier Host program if at least 51% of your eligible properties met these criteria over the same 365-day period on our platform. For example, let’s say you have 100 properties, 40 of which have received at least five bookings and three reviews. At least 21 (over 51%) of those 40 properties would need to meet the program criteria before you would receive an invitation to become a Premier Host. Those 21 properties would also display a Premier Host badge in search results as long as they meet the program criteria.

Premier Host benefits

As a Premier Host, you qualify for the following benefits as long as your account meets the program criteria:
  • Premier Host badging on our websites for your qualifying properties
  • Free marketing opportunities, including the chance to be featured in emails and videos that reach millions of travelers
  • A dedicated filter so that travelers can easily search Premier Host only listings