Earnings paid
Earnings paid is the total amount deposited into your bank account for the current year. It’s your gross booking amount minus Vrbo's commissions and fees. Details are also available in the Payout summary in Reservation manager.


This is the total number of completed bookings over the last 30 days. This figure is calculated after the first payment has been made.

Note: canceled bookings aren’t included. To help increase your number of bookings, accept booking requests, and respond quickly to inquiries.


Property views
This is the total number of times your property page has been viewed over the last 30 days. Every time someone views your listing on any device, it counts toward the total. To help increase your property views, you can improve your listing's content and photo quality, and keep your rates competitive.


Search results
This is the total number of times your property has appeared in search results over the last 30 days. This metric doesn't reflect where your property appeared in the search results, e.g., appearing on the first page of a search. To increase the chance of your property being booked, be sure to feature the amenities in your listing which guests are likely to be searching for. You can also make the booking process even easier by offering Instant Booking.


Your market
Your market is determined by the location search terms that guests are using to find your property. Your primary market is the searched location most likely to generate bookings for your property.

For example, Disney World is in Kissimmee, Florida, but guests seeking a rental for their vacation will likely search “Orlando”. In this example, Orlando is the term that dictates your market.


Your competitive set
Your competitive set is a selection of properties that are comparable to yours in terms of number of beds, baths, amenities, and location. To view similar listings in a map view, select View Your Comp Set in your Vrbo account. Using this view, you can add and remove competitors to your competitive set.


Acceptance rate
This is the percentage of booking requests you have accepted over the past 365 days. Review each reservation request within 24 hours of receiving it to improve this metric. Guests who send booking requests want to have their booking confirmed swiftly. We encourage you to accept them as soon as possible.


Cancellation rate
The cancellation rate is the percentage of host-initiated cancellations over the last 365 days and your rank within your listing’s market.

If a guest contacts you to cancel their reservation, encourage them to cancel their reservation, or request cancellation from their account. This will help to distinguish between guest-initiated and host-initiated cancellations.

Note: Canceling a guest's reservation is a poor experience. We encourage you to avoid canceling on guests unless necessary.


Review count
The review count is the number of reviews you have received over the past 365 days. Reviews are important to guests when choosing a property. To increase this metric, request reviews from your guests after each stay.


Review average
This is the average rating from all the reviews you have received in the past 365 days. This number is visible on your listing, and helps guests understand what others thought of your property. Providing a great experience and asking your guests for feedback will help you improve your review average.