When you or guests cancel a reservation, the refund of both service and payment processing fee might change according to the type of refund.

If a booking was charged in a different currency, regardless of the type of refund, the payment and refund totals may vary based on currency exchange rates and bank-issued exchange fees.

If you are a property manager managing your listings from within your software, check how your merchant processor handles fees in case of refunds.

100% refunds
Regardless of who cancels the reservation, if the guest is within the 100% refund window and you refund the full amount, we'll automatically refund the service fee.
When the guest receives a 100% refund, we'll return both the commission and payment processing fees on the booking.

Partial refunds
Booking and service fees are not refunded in case of partial refunds. The payment processing fee is reversed for the amount refunded and is only charged on the funds kept.