For lodging/stay taxes in the United States of America (USA), go to:
 For lodging/stay taxes in Canada, go to:
 For lodging/stay taxes in Mexico, go to:
 For lodging/stay taxes in Europe, go to:

When bookings are made in a jurisdiction where Vrbo’s liable for lodging tax, we identify the amount of tax collected and remit it to the jurisdiction.This tax is remitted on a tax return filed with the jurisdiction under the taxpayer account of, Inc.

Your name, jurisdiction tax ID, company name, address, and/or other details specific to your property aren’t identified on the tax return filing because the tax information provided identifies, Inc. as the taxpayer. The transaction details may be made available to the taxing jurisdiction upon audit and pursuant to the appropriate legal process.

If your jurisdiction contacts you and wants information related to taxes that we’re collecting and remitting, please refer the taxing authority to us. You should check the reporting requirements for your specific jurisdiction(s) or consult your tax professional to avoid penalties for not reporting.

Check what's been paid to your jurisdiction
Information about what’s been paid to your jurisdiction can be found through the lodging tax report in your partner dashboard. 

How to view the report

  1. Select Reservation manager from within your account.
  2. Select Financial reporting.
  3. Select Stay tax tab.  
Note: You only see the Stay tax tab if you've had at least one lodging tax transaction on a prior booking.