If we're collecting and remitting taxes on your property, there are two sections to be aware of under Taxes in your Vrbo account: 

  • The first section displays taxes we're obligated to collect from travelers and remit directly to your jurisdiction. 
  • The second section displays taxes for which you're liable. You may opt to have those taxes collected from travelers and sent to you to remit to your jurisdiction. This section only appears in select jurisdictions. We'll monitor the applicable tax rates for you so you can remit the proper amount of tax to your jurisdiction. 

By continuing to accept bookings, you agree that you’re registered as a taxpayer, and will remit any tax sent to you to the appropriate taxing authorities. Upon inquiry or audit by any taxing jurisdiction, we may require you to provide your tax registration number and documentation that you remitted all taxes to the appropriate jurisdiction. 
You can’t opt out of our collection and remittance of lodging tax in jurisdictions where we are required by law to collect and remit or where we have an agreement with the tax authority.