House rules allow you to display what is and what isn’t allowed at your property prior to a guest inquiring or booking. Communicating these rules upfront helps you avoid awkward conversations or unexpected surprises during the guest’s stay.

Posting your house rules on your vacation rental listing can save time spent answering questions about your property and you won’t have to screen travelers for pets or children, since they must agree to your house rules before they book.

There are six predefined house rules:

  • Maximum overnight guests: Set the number of guests allowed to sleep on your property, including adults and children.
  • Minimum age requirement of primary renter: Clarify if the primary renter must meet a certain age requirement.
  • Events allowed: Let guests know if events are allowed on your property, from formal weddings to casual gatherings. Be clear about how many visitors are allowed for events, independent of overnight guests. For special events, you may not see your event included. That’s because we only included the most common events. In this case, you can check the box Other to include additional events you allow on your property. Finally, ensure your house rules always comply with any federal and local laws.
  • Pets allowed: One of the top-10 globally most popular search filters is for pets. Let your guests know if they can bring their pets, how many, what type of pet, and any size restriction.
  • Children allowed: Inform guests and provide context for which children’s age groups are welcome at your property.*
  • Smoking allowed: Specify if and where smoking is allowed.
  • Custom rules: Set up to 3 custom rules to let guests know of any other do’s and don’ts when booking your property.
*If your vacation rental is in Australia or New Zealand, age restrictions are against local policy.