A Vrbo account allows you to save and reference useful vacation rental information on our site. If you do not already have an account at the time of booking, you will be prompted to create one. After completing your stay, you can log in to your Vrbo account to submit a property review.
Gives you access to all of your communication with the hosts.

My Trips
Allows you to view trips you have booked. Once your reservation is confirmed, you can access essential trip details. Trips are organized as follows:
  • Upcoming Trips - This section will show your future trips. 
  • Past Trips - This section will show trips you have completed in the past.
  • Canceled Trips - This section will show you trips you have canceled.
Lets you view any reviews you have received from a host, and any reviews you have left for a stay. You will also be able to see your reputation star rating and any badges you have earned.

How to make a guest profile
  1. Click Login at the top of the page
  2. Click Traveler Login
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click Get started
  5. Enter your name and password
  6. Create a new password that has 6-12 characters including at least one digit
  7. Click Sign Up
Vacation rental hosts can view your Traveler Profile when you send a booking inquiry. Hosts can also access Traveler Profiles by clicking on a link in property reviews. We do not share the information in your Vrbo account with third parties.