Pay-per-booking listings give you the option to pay only for the bookings you receive instead of paying an upfront fee for an annual subscription. Choosing the listing model that is best for you depends largely on the number of bookings you intend to accept each year and your average rates. For shorter season and event-only properties, pay-per-booking is a great alternative to an annual subscription. 

With no upfront costs, the pay-per-booking listing model allows you to minimize risk for properties that do not rent as often. Plus, you have access to the same inquiry management, calendar, and reservation tools as a subscription listing. Enjoy the flexibility of only accepting bookings for the dates you wish to rent, and pay as you go.

Pay-per-booking listings require a commission of up to 8% per booking and require HomeAway payments with online booking. Subject to any risk reviews, payments (minus the booking commission) are typically disbursed 24 hours after check-in and available in your bank account 5 – 7 days later. The availability of funds in an account varies by banking institution.
If you are a property manager managing your listings from within your own software you are required to provide 90% inventory connectivity. Pay-per-booking is a great option if you do not anticipate bookings totaling more than $3,500 per year per listing.  Plus, you continue to manage your pay-per-booking reservations in your software as you would with any other e-commerce transaction.