If you’re using the pay-per-booking listing model, booking fees will apply to your listings. The booking fee consists of a 3% payment processing and 5% commission fee. Fees don’t apply to Property Damage Protection or Trip Cancellation Protection (Travel Insurance).

Commission fee

A 5% commission fee is charged on the rental amount and any additional fees you charge the traveler (such as cleaning, pet, and boat fees). Bookings that originate from our expanded distribution partners may have higher fees.

Processing fee

A 3% payment processing fee is charged on the total payment amount you receive from your guest, including taxes and refundable damage deposits. The processing fee charged on the damage deposit portion is reimbursed when you refund the traveler’s deposit.

Exception for properties in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan

  • No processing fee is charged.
  • A 5% commission + GST (where applicable) is charged.
For Australia: GST is calculated at 10% on the commission rate and is always 0.5%.
For New Zealand: GST is calculated at 15% on the commission rate and is always 0.75%.
For Japan: No GST is applied.

Fees when using property management software

If you use property management software to manage your listings, you’re charged a 5% booking fee for bookings made through our family of sites. If you source the reservation to our sites, and the booking was not booked through our check-out flow, you will be charged a 10% booking fee. The fee is calculated on the rental amount and mandatory fees, excluding taxes and refundable damage deposits.

Taxes and security deposits

Taxes and security deposits are subject to a 3% payment processing fee but not a 5% commission fee. Where VAT applies, VAT is charged in addition to the 5% commission.