1. If you have more than one listing, select the one you want to edit.  
  2. In the navigation menu, select Property
  3. Select Edit property
  4. Select Photos.

To upload a new photo: 

  1. Select Upload Photos or drag and drop photos from your device. 

Important: You should always have at least 6 photos published for your property at all times. Having less than 6 photos for more than 30 days can result in an indefinite suspension penalty.

To delete a photo or add a caption: 

  1. Select Edit Photos
  2. Select the appropriate photo. 
  3. Select Delete or add a caption in the Photo Caption field. 

To assign photos to specific rooms:  

  1. Through Unassigned Photos:  
    1. Click the Assign Photos tab on the Photo Editor 
    2. Click Unassigned Photos to see photos that haven’t been assigned 
    3. Click Select Space to assign that photo to a room 
  2. Through a space with no assigned photos:  
    1. Click the space you want to assign photos to 
    2. Select the photos you want to assign to that space  
  3. Click Save

Note: You can only assign photos to bedrooms or bathrooms. You also need to have Rooms and Spaces set up to assign photos to your rooms.