You can send the traveler a payment request directly from your account. A payment request includes a detailed quote and a link to pay. When you pre-approve a traveler to book a stay, a payment request is automatically sent to their account.  

  1. Log in to your account. 

  1. Select the listing if you have more than one rental property.   

  1. Select Inbox

  1. Use the All Messages drop-down menu to filter your conversations. 

  1. Select the guest. 

  1. Select Reply and pre-approve from within the chat area. 

  1. Review the booking and payment details. 

  1. Select Review. Confirm the booking details and customize your message if needed. 

  1. Select Attachments if you need to attach a file. 

  1. Select Pre-approve to send the traveler a payment request. 


Tentative requests 

First payment requests that remain unedited, or unpaid by a traveler, will expire within 3 days. Your calendar will show as tentative only to you during this period. Once a payment request expires, the tentative reservation will be removed from your calendar. If you edit a quote, the booking request won’t expire and will remain on your calendar as a tentative reservation. 

Learn how to resend a payment request