In your Vrbo account you can access important information about your booking such as:
  • The host's contact information.
  • The cancellation policy for your reservation.
  • The address of the rental.
  • Safety features of the property.
  • Essential stay details such as Wi-Fi instructions, Access/Door codes, etc.
Some information is not immediately available after booking. For example, door code/access information normally shows 7 days before check-in. We recommend you access your Vrbo Account via the mobile app to see all the essential stay details available. If a host has not provided us with these details, use your Vrbo account to contact them with your questions.
You will also receive an email from us with any information the host has provided 7 days before your stay. If your check-in is within 7 days at the time of booking, this email gets sent once you receive your booking confirmation email.