The payments report shows all transactions associated with a reservation paid through HomeAway so that you can track payments and refunds. The report includes payment history for paid, refunded, and partially refunded payments.

Payments Report Definitions

RefID - The unique transaction ID for a payment made toward a reservation at your property.

Reservation ID - This is a unique reservation ID for each reservation. If the reservation has multiple payments or refunds, it will be the same for each of those payments as it is associated with the reservation.

Check In - The check-in date for the reservation.

Check Out - The check-out date for the reservation.

Number of Nights - The number of nights for the reservation.

Payment Date - Date guest completed the payment.

Payment Type - Type of payment made toward the reservation (i.e. "Rent" or "Refund").

Property ID - Your property's unique listing identifier on our website.

Guest Name - The name of your primary guest.

Payment Method - The method of payment the guest used to book the reservation.

Taxable Revenue - This column contains the total charges associated with the reservation (rent and fees) being charged by you, which are deemed to be taxable. If rent is taxable, but a fee is not taxable; then this will contain only the taxable rental amount. If the fees are marked as Taxable, then this will be the sum of Rent plus those Taxable fees. This column includes the rental amount, additional guest fee, and user-defined fees marked as taxable, but does not include traveler products such as Property Damage Protection or damage deposit. This section will include nothing if the tax is marked as "included in amount" or "I do not collect tax".

Non-Taxable Revenue - This column contains the total charges associated with the reservation (rent and fees) being charged by you, which are NOT taxable. If you do not define Tax, or if they have fees that are not marked as taxable, then the sum of those amounts will appear in this column. This section includes user-defined fees not marked as taxable, and damage deposit, as well as the rental amount and additional guest fee if the tax is marked "included in amount" or "I do not collect tax". This section does not include traveler products such as property damage protection.

Paid By Guest - This column shows payment specific records, and occur for each payment and refund. Each transaction will have their own row. Rent payments will be positive and will list the amount the traveler paid on that payment record. (This will equal Taxable Revenue + Non-Taxable Revenue + Tax + Service Fee if the traveler makes one payment in full for the reservation.) Refund payments will be negative, with no revenue listed, and the amount shown is being paid to the traveler.

Your Revenue - This column shows the amount the guest has paid for the rental minus the Service Fee.

Payable To You - This column is the amount that should be expected to be received as a final amount owed to the owner with all processing fees taken out.

Tax - This is the tax as defined in the Taxes and Fees section. This is either Tax (US), VAT Tax (EU), or Other Tax (optional) as set by the owner in the Taxes and Fees section.

Service Fee - This is the HomeAway service fee amount that the traveler paid at the time of the first payment and collected by HomeAway.

Currency - The type of currency used to pay for the reservation.

Commission - The amount charged by the brand when a booking is made through our website. Commission only applies to pay-per-booking listings. The commission is captured on the first payment and is deducted from the first payment. However, we refund commission on a per refund basis.

VAT on Commission - This is the Value Added Tax (VAT) that HomeAway pays on the pay-per-booking commission we charge in the EU. This is paid by the owner as a deduction from their booking.

Payment Processing Fee - Amount paid to our payment provider to process a credit card/eCheck payment transaction.

Deposit Amount - This is the amount that is to be expected to be directly deposited to your account minus the Payment Processing Fee and Service Fee and the full refundable damage deposit in some cases. If you claim damage against some or all of the damage deposit those funds will be deposited to your account.

Payout  Rent payments start with Guest Payment and add the negative values of Commission Fee, VAT for Commission Fee, and Yapstone Fee; the result is the amount paid to the Owner. Refunds start with the negative Guest Payment amount and add the positive values of Commission Fee, VAT for Commission Fee, and Yapstone Fee; the result is the amount paid out by the Owner for the refund.

Refundable Deposit  This is the original refundable damage deposit amount paid by the traveler on the transaction.

Subscription Model  Your listing type at the time the reservation was made.