The Payout summary provides a real-time overview of the funds you received after commission and fees withheld from rental amounts have been deducted.

Taxes that are collected and remitted on your behalf are not included in the payout summary. However, taxes that you’ve collected from a traveler are remitted by you and are included in gross booking and payout amounts. Additionally, damage deposits are not factored into the payout amount unless you retain all or a portion of the refundable damage deposit.

Payout Summary Definitions

  • Property ID - Your property's unique listing identifier on our website.
  • Unit ID - In certain locations, the Unit ID is a subset of the Property ID.
  • Property Address - Physical property address for your property.
  • Reservation ID - This is a unique reservation ID for each reservation.
  • Booking Status - This is the status of the booking which will show as either 'reserved' or 'canceled'.
  • Check In - The check-in date for the reservation.
  • Check Out - The check-out date for the reservation.
  • Number of Nights - The number of nights for the reservation.
  • Payout Date - This is the date a booking payment is initiated to you.
  • Gross Booking Amount - The sum of rent and fees (cleaning fees, pet fees, taxes you collect and remit, etc.) you collected during the selected date range.
  • Deductions - The sum of all commissions and fees deducted from the rent amount during the selected date range.
  • Payout Amount - This is the gross booking amount minus deductions. 
  • Lodging Tax Owner Remits - The tax that we collect, send to you, and which you must remit to your government. This column does not display taxes based on tax rates that you enter manually.
  • Payout Currency -  The type of currency used to pay for the reservation.